OIT has identified four strategic outcomes which guide our project priorities and future planning. These outcomes allow us to quickly and decisively weigh proposed projects or potential resource commitments.

Strategic Outcomes








& Scalability

Establish &
Communicate Value

Based on these strategic outcomes, we have developed an overarching set of operating principles designed to inform day-to-day decision-making, tactical management, and long-term planning.

Operating Principles

1. We focus on fixing IT for the campus community at the system level to support individual and unit needs.

2. We build operational capacity that enables us to be a nimble and resilient IT organization.

3. We seek sustainable and scalable technology solutions that demonstrate our commitment to resource stewardship.

4. We are responsible for understanding and communicating the ways in which our services and products deliver value to the campus.

5. We enable self-services and automation whenever possible so that we can standardize where possible, and customize when necessary.

6. We manage technology complexity by applying our policies, processes, systems, and tools in a disciplined and thoughtful manner.