This year saw the maturation of the Project Management Office (PMO) as our project managers continued to transform the way the projects are delivered at UC Merced.

Building and refining this process—itself an exercise in transparency and collaboration—has enabled the PMO to thoughtfully respond to change, effectively and proactively address risks, and successfully deliver a number of significant projects to the campus. Read on to learn more about the projects that have benefitted from IT project management.

2017 Completed Projects by Category

Student Success

Zoom Implementation



Academic Works (grant/scholarship)


Innovative Learning Technology Initiative

Research & Academics

Wave Infrastructure

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Service & Support Model 


UC Office of the President

TDI - FireEye Implementation

UCOP Pen Test Audit

SCCM Windows Automation

Department of Public Safety & Security - PELCO

Camera Upgrade

CashNet Implementation

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From my perspective as a sponsor, the management of the Curriculog (enterprise curriculum management system) project has been exemplary.

In particular, I have been impressed with the organization and execution of communication about the project’s timeline and progress. It also appears to have been a very collaborative effort, with the project manager facilitating communication among all partners. Your support has been invaluable to the success of the effort.

Laura E Martin
Executive Director, Academic Senate

December 2017

Project VoIP (Phase 1): A Timeline

March 2017


April - May 2017

Research Needs

Vendor Request for Proposals

June 2017

Review Select Vendors


Contract Review

June - August 2017

Contract Approved

OIT Resources Committed

September - October 2017

Equipment Purchased

Vendor Resources Committed

November - December 2017

VoIP Network Equipment Received

Infrastructure Setup & Configuration

January 2018

VoIP System Testing

VoIP Phone UAT

Go Live Support Planning

February 2018

Final Testing & Sign Off

VoIP Goes Live at DCC

March - April 2018

Ongoing Support

Lessons Learned

May 2018

Resources Released

Project PO Closed

PMO Spotlight Project

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Mission Category: Growth, Sustainability & Operational Excellence
Project Manager: Jose Magana

Project Members: 9 OIT staff, 4 CenturyLink (vendor) members, 3 Mitel (vendor) members

Objective: Deploy a unified communications service that provides voice calling, delivered via the internet, to the majority of the UC Merced campus.

VoIP Final Testing & Sign Off

VoIP Live at DCC


The Voice over Internet Protocol project—VoIP for short—is a multi-stage, multi-year effort by the OIT to implement modern communications services via the campus network.

VoIP is the next generation market standard which delivers voice calling and typical features such as voicemail and call forwarding as well as more advanced call center functionality. In this way, the old-style "landline" phone experience is now available via a mobile device or your desktop using a software application.

The VoIP project aligns with UC Merced’s “Cloud-First” strategy, is sustainable and scalable, and will allow the campus to better control and manage mobile data and voice costs as the campus grows through 2020 and beyond.

In 2017, OIT completed the initial ‘beta’ rollout of the first phase of the larger VoIP project, delivering VoIP to the entirety of the new Downtown Campus Center.

In this phase, project partners worked to establish the scope of the project, build infrastructure and converted existing telephony lines and equipment to support VoIP hardware and software, and provided training to our beta test users in the new Downtown Campus Center in early 2018.

Later phases will roll VoIP out to new 2020 campus buildings as they come online in 2018, 2019, and 2020.