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We Are Building
for the Future
of California


Phase 1 on the Horizon

It’s an exciting time to be a part of UC Merced, and even more thrilling to be an insider. That’s what this publication is all about — an inside view into the people behind the projects and processes that make UC Merced a leader in creativity and innovation.

That creativity is well illustrated in the stories of how the Merced 2020 Project has gone from vision to reality. From crunching numbers and negotiating the public-private partnership to the unveiling of the project’s first phase of buildings, we can see how the countless hours of effort have paid off. This moves us to a better position when it comes to serving highly qualified students from throughout the state and increasing access to the University of California.

You can read about the exceptional staff members who are laying the foundation to meet space and tech needs now and in the future as our campus grows. You’ll also learn about the recent grants that enable research excellence while engaging the public in the work that we do to enrich the San Joaquin Valley.

Chancellor Dorothy Leland on site with UC Merced alumni who are now Webcor team members.

As you look through this issue, I think you — like me — will find yourself amazed at the contributions our students and alumni are making here and beyond. Our campus is young, and it is thriving. Enjoy your inside view and please let us know what you think.


Chancellor Dorothy Leland