The Appraisal Process

What you can expect in the weeks ahead

A Message from Fabiola Elizalde
Director of Talent, Learning & HR Services

Performance Appraisals are an opportune time for managers to engage with their staff to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments; speak to areas of growth and development; establish clear expectations and goals; as well as identify professional development opportunities that will enhance the skills and knowledge of an employee.  Employees will do their best work when they feel empowered and engaged.  Remember, for this process to be effective, managers must engage their staff throughout the review cycle.

Employees, you must feel empowered to own your career and seek opportunities for development and growth.  Be accountable for discussing your career aspirations with your manager.  This process is a partnership between a manager and employee.


April 15th

Manager Writes Employee Appraisal & Submit to HR for Review

April 21st Deadline

HR Responds to Appraisals (HR review required for overall rating of ‘Met Some Expectations’ and ‘Met Few Expectations’)

April 24th Deadline

2nd Level Manager Approves Employee Appraisals

May 3rd Deadline

Calibration Review (HR to issue Division and School Ratings Report)

May 4th Deadline

Appraisal Released to Managers

May 13th Deadline

Manager Meets with Employee & Adds Final Comments

May 16th Deadline

Employee Writes Final Comments & Signs Appraisal

May 17th Deadline

Manager Reviews Employee Comments & Signs Appraisal