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Finance and
Budget Updates

Division of Finance and Adminstration

Academic Budget Planning Update

The campus successfully completed our first year of the Academic Budget Planning process.  We are pleased with the level of involvement from several units for engaging in a highly consultative, collaborative and successful academic budget planning process this past fall.  This is our first step towards a comprehensive, annual budget planning process and we look forward to making further gains in incorporating the rest of the campus’s budgetary needs into a comprehensive annual planning process.  Looking forward to Fiscal Year 2020, with current commitments in mind, the leadership is reviewing the incremental revenues and incremental funding needs with the goal of final budget to be available during June. 

Annual Financial Report

The UC Merced Annual Financial Report for fiscal year 2017/2018 is now available for review on the Business and Financial Services website. The Annual Financial Report while not separately audited, is prepared from the official University of California records and accounts, which are maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). The report includes three basic financial statements, the statements of net position, the statements of revenues, expenses and changes in net position, and the statements of cash flows for UC Merced and the affiliated UC Merced Foundation. The financial statements for the UC Merced Foundation are presented discretely from UC Merced. The notes to the financial statements provide additional information that is essential to a full understanding of the financial statements.

Alpha Financials Update

The Division of Finance & Administration at UC Merced has kicked off a major project (Alpha Financials) to replace the current legacy financial system with an Oracle Financials Cloud system and migrate to a UC system wide Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) with a go-live date of July 1, 2020. 

A foundational part of this project is the implementation of the systemwide Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA). The CCoA effort is to better support the entry and maintenance of financial data that is used for financial management at the local and systemwide levels.  Campus wide stakeholders that use or consume financial data have been identified.  The project team begins stakeholder sessions in April to socialize the new chart structure.  In late April –May the team will engage the campus wide stakeholders in deep dive session on the CCOA to begin to build the new chartstrings needed for departmental reporting of financial information.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is conducting an inventory and impact analysis of current campus systems that send, receive, or otherwise process financial data on campus. OIT has reached out to campus departments to develop the list of impacted systems that will need to be remediated for both the new CCoA and interfaces to the Oracle financial modules.

UC Merced has engage Deloitte Consulting as our implementation partner for the financial system project and they will be onsite to begin planning sessions with the project team April through May.  Once the planning phase has been completed the project team will reach out to campus wide stakeholders to involve them in appropriate system configuration sessions.


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