Workforce Administration

A New Way to Manage the Employee Life Cycle

From Step One to Done

Workforce Administration (WFA) is the new way to manage the employee life cycle, from hire to retire, and everything in between. WFA will implement role-based workflows that utilize Onbase as the content management platform. WFA streamlines workflows and creates transparency so managers can track forms and approvals all in one place, making the process more efficient and tranparent.

Once implemented, WFA will allow for single platform submission of hiring and employee administration forms. The successful implementation and adoption of these processes are an essential part of the campus’ initiative to modernize systems and processes and are a foundational part of the overall Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy implemented at UC Merced.

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HCM Hub provides UC Merced the tools it needs to Attract, Retain, and Hire the best people for the job

Workforce Administration (WFA) one part of the HCM Hub, is launching this summer. It streamlines the Employee Administration process across campus, making our system more efficient, and effective.

Rollout Timeline

WFA will roll out in a staggered implementation with the following timeline (subject to change):

Phase I: Staff Transactions

  • June 17th - Training by Roles Begin
  • June 28th - System Implementation (sunset of edoc)

Phase II: Undergraduate Student Transactions

  • July 15th - Training by Roles Begin
  • July 31st - System Implementation

Phase III: Academic Payroll Transactions

  • September - Training by Roles Begin
  • October - System Implementation

Each rollout includes the following phases:

  • Engagement and Orientation with Division Leadership
  • Identification of Roles by Division
  • Orientation & Training by Roles
  • Feedback and Review

What does this mean for you?

If you hire staff this system will be live in mid-June. We will have targeted information for your unit to train you on the new system.

If you hire undergraduate students we will be connecting with you for a mid-July rollout.

If you are involved in processing Academic payroll transactions, we will be working with you in the summer and fall.


Staff Transactions

Rubi Turner

Undergraduate Student Transactions

Michelle Synder

Academic Payroll Transactions

Becky Gubser